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We are very excited to release our redesigned website to the public today. In this new version we have integrated some features that we hope will be of interest to you.

First of all we already have an online store. Although our wines are already available at points of sale in several cities in Mexico, thanks to the reach of social networks we have received requests from many cities about where to buy or if we can send them. Now, with our online store, you can place your orders from anywhere in the country (we would like to say the world, but exporting alcoholic beverages is not that easy -- but soon!)

We have also created a blog, of which this is the first entry. In this blog we will periodically publish articles about wine, events that we carry out or in which we participate, vintages... In short, everything that is of interest to wine lovers.

Although it may take a few more weeks to be available, we will also put a map where you can find all the places where our wine is available (at least the ones we know of): restaurants, supermarkets and liquor stores.

We hope you like this new website. Check back periodically as you will find new content each time.


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buenas tardes escuche el programa red empresarial y me intereso su vino mi pregunta es cuales son las oportunidades para hacer negocio con ustedes, estoy en el estado de mexico y el d.f. trabajo en uno y vivo en d.f. gracias por su atencion

jesus francisco mendoza

me encuentro trabajando en Chihuahua y me interesa su vino espero llevarme varias botellas al d.f.
felicidades por la comercialización de su vino


Encontre lo que necesitaba , estamos en cotacto , gracias

Enrique Arechavaleta

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