The wine industry in Chihuahua

Until a few years ago, the wine industry, the culture of wine and its consumption in Chihuahua was scarce. The history of Chihuahuan viticulture dates back to the 1940s and 1950s, when a company dedicated to the production of brandy and table wines was established in Ciudad Delicias. For different reasons, the company disappeared and along with it the production of wine in Chihuahua.

Around these same years, Italian immigrants arrived in the state of Chihuahua to work in the paper industry and as part of their family customs was the production of wine in an artisanal way for consumption at home and merely for the family, this was continued in Chihuahua. Among those Italians were the families Guglielmina Galanti, Garrone, Nicli, among others.

Several of them planted in some Chihuahuans a love for wine , resulting in an interest in the production and consumption of this product.

Years later, several Chihuahuan families began producing artisan wines for personal consumption, just like the Italians did, and starting in 2009, Bodegas Vinícolas Chihuahuenses began to appear, being Bodegas Pinesque pioneers in the production of wines commercially.

The appearance of vineyards was not far behind; Taking advantage of the vast terrain and different types of land as well as altitudes and temperatures that the state of Chihuahua has, plantations began throughout the territory.

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