Cata de Vinos Pinesque

Pinesque Wine Tasting

We invite you to learn more about us, learn to taste and taste our 5 labels!

Cost: $300 per person.

* Steps to make a wine.
* History of Pinesque Wineries
* Tasting of our 5 labels:

- Peach Chardonnay
- Chihuahua Expressions
- Pinesque 5th 2014
- Pinesque 5th 2012
- Barbarian

We ask you to please not only put in the event that you will attend, but also confirm on the wall of the event how many people will accompany you.

Ticket sales at:

At the end of the event you will be able to purchase our wines with a special discount!!

We accept debit and credit cards.

If you don't know how to get there, visit this link where you will find a detailed map:

We are waiting for you!
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Hola buen día, me gustaría saber si todavía hacen las catas de vino, y si si cada cuando las hacen? Gracias


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